Tasty treats from Albert Heijn

On my second day in Holland I woke up and was so shocked to see more grey skies and rain! But despite the miserable weather, I had to pop out to Albert Heijn supermarket to pick up a few more things I discovered last time I was in Holland, which I couldn’t get at the local Plus supermarket the other day. As it’s a bit too far to walk, and to fully embrace the Dutch stereotype for you, we braved the rain and hopped on our bikes, which are well set up for grocery shopping with their nifty back-seat bags.

Bike for blog2

As a weird coincidence, I picked up the free recipe magazine at the supermarket, and it turned out to be the Italy Special! And even more coincidental, the theme for the dessert section was chocolate & hazelnut, which is another obsession of mine (e.g. I spent three days in Torino last year sampling all the gianduiotti (gianduja chocolates), gianduja ice cream and gianduja spreads (basically Nutella but so much better, with more hazelnuts, better quality chocolate and less sugar).

So if I’m looking for something to do while I’m in Holland in all this rainy weather, I guess I could whip up a Chocolate cheesecake met hazelnoten, or a jar of Homemade hazelnootpasta.

But back to the food – here is what I bought:



Desperados are a tequila flavoured pale lager which was first brewed in the Basque Country in France, but are now also brewed in Holland by Heineken.

I was hoping for a sunny afternoon sitting out on the deck to try this one, but the weather gods weren’t looking down on me. So I had to try it on a grey and gloomy day, which isn’t quite the same. In one word, it was interesting. I thought I liked it, but then I wasn’t quite sure. It is very sweet, and you can tell it is tequila flavour and not tequila. Kind of a little artificial tasting. But kind of not. I think it kind of works. But I could only drink one at a time, and it would probably would be much more enjoyable on a sunny summer’s day … if I ever got one of those in Holland!

I noticed they have also recently released a new flavour, Desperados Verde, which is tequila, lime and mint flavoured, inspired by the mojito. Will have to try that one next time.


Prawn crackers


Just like the ones you get for free with your Thai takeaway. But even more delicious. And portable. These went well with the Desparados at beer o’clock.

And onto the sweet…

Chocomel (de enige echte) – Dark


Chocomel (‘the only real’), is the bees knees of chocolate drinks in Holland. You can even get hot Chocomel in cafes, and it comes served in these cute orange Chocomel branded cups. I had tried the regular flavour before and it was tasty, but pretty similar to the choc Breaka or Moove back home. But when I saw the dark version I had to give it a go too. It was tasty and better than the regular I think. I would love to freeze it and have it as a slushy in summer. Mmmmmm….

Cookie Notti Speculoos Spread – Cappuccino Heart


I decided I needed a jar of the cappuccino Speculoos too even though I already bought the crunchy original one – I’ve tried it before and it is too delicious to go without. Coffee and Speculoos are a match made in heaven, and this version adds the coffee flavour via a smooth and creamy but quite intensely coffee-flavoured core, which you can mix through the rest of the jar. These are also a total bargain at only 2.30 euros each. If you don’t know what Speculoos is, check out my post on it here.

Chocolade pindakoeken


Deceptively simple looking, these are one of the best mass-produced choc-peanut biscuit I’ve found in a supermarket. Although I generally prefer chewy over crunchy for my bickies, the crunchiness works perfectly here. I love these and bought a couple of packs for the road.

Koffie Leutjes: Original speculoos met Belgische chocolate


These are coffee flavoured Speculoos, coated in chocolate. They also come in handy individually wrapped packets of two biscuits, so you can pop them in your handbag to ensure a Speculoos bickie is never too far away.

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

Now I know you can get B&Js all over the world, but I haven’t seen the ‘core’ range at home (the range with fillings in the core… not core as in original/standard). Also the pints are significantly cheaper here – around 5.25 euros (approx. $7.90 v the $13 at home) and they have a wider range of flavours. Yesterday I discovered there is a flavour called Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core, which sounds amazing.

Spectacular Speculoos cookie core

For those of you who don’t know me, I am slightly obsessed with Speculoos, so I was desperate to try this flavour. I thought if you could find the Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core anywhere, it would be in Holland, as Speculoos is so big here. Unfortunately, I checked out a few supermarkets and couldn’t find any. But luckily I did find B&Js Utter Peanut Butter Clutter cookie core instead – peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cookies and a crumbly peanut butter cookie core!!!


This is insanely amazing and the best peanut butter ice cream I’ve ever had. The ice cream base is creamy, salty and rich, with an intense PB flavour (none of the subtlety that other PB ice creams seem to have). The PB cookies throughout and crumbly core add some good crunch, and along with the creamy PB ice cream, you have the perfect combination of textures. There’s really not much more I can say that will make you understand how delicious it is. This is one for the peanut butter lovers.


The only possible way it could be improved would be to add chocolate, or Speculoos!

And in fact, that’s what I did. To make up for the disappointment of missing out on the Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core, I melted some Speculoos and poured it on top of the PB Clutter. OMG. AMAZING. I invented something WONDERFUL. This is probably better than the Spectacular Speculoos anyway. I think B&Js should hire me as a flavour guru.

oprah meme

And that’s probably enough sweet stuff for now or my fingers will be too fat to type these posts.

Ciao for now.
Miss Italy Foodie X



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