Two sleeps to go!

Well it’s now officially two sleeps until I set off on my (mostly) Italian adventure. I say mostly, because I’ll also pop over to Holland, France and Spain for a bit, but they are essential – Holland for the obligatory family visit (just kidding – can’t wait to see you mum!), and France and Spain to sample their amazing hot chocolates (amongst other things).

I won’t give you the details of all the exciting places I’m visiting, because then there wouldn’t be any surprises left to keep you coming back… but I can tell you that food will most definitely be a highlight everywhere I visit, and I will make sure I keep you updated on all the delicious things I eat, so you can live vicariously through me/be madly jealous.

After getting great tips from friends and reading countless food and travel blogs about all the local specialties, I’m not sure there will be enough days or meals in my trip to eat everything I want to try! But even if that means there has to be some sneaky pizza for breakfast, or dessert for dinner, then I guess I’ll just have to be ok with that.

Anyway, I CANNOT WAIT for five weeks of amazing food, delicious desserts, and glorious sunshine.

Sono molto emozionata!

Miss Italy Foodie


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